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Professional Milk Thermometer - Short The Profiline range of thermometers was developed specifically for the commercial environment. This product features a double contact clip for secure contact to the milk jug, a large easy to read 45mm face (13 cm probe) and a wide temperature range (-10 t Product Details
TEMPTAGPACK TempTag is a sticker designed to give an instant indication when milk is at its optimum serving temperature for preparing milk-based coffees. Product Details
Long Thermometer for 1-2 litre Jugs The HLP long coffee thermometer offers a food grade finish and suits jugs up to 2 litre jugs. The dial is 35 mm and stem is 210mm, Temp Range is 0 to 100 deg C and has a coloured band showing the best temperature for milk. Comes with clip. Product Details
Short Thermometer for 600ml Jugs Great coffee needs the milk heated to the correct temperature. The Compact Design thermometer shows you when to stop heating so you can achieve the ideal tasting coffee. Includes an ideal temperature zone & jug clip. Ideal for 600 ml jugs or smaller. Face Product Details
Pocket Thermometer Temp range -50 C to +280 C. Water proof with safety probe cover. Auto shut off and all food grade construction. Meets all food standard requirements for accuracy. Probe Stainless, 120 mm x 3 mm. 9mm Display, Celcius/Fahrenheit , Hold Function LR44 Batt. Product Details

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