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Tea Bags

tbar_logoT bar began operating in September 1999, creating and supplying both traditional and modern blends and flavoured teas, with both loose-leaf and tea bags available.

We proudly distribute the T bar range of superior teas.

Teabag Sampler Pack A selection of our 8 Tea Bag flavours Product Details
Earl Grey with Blue Flowers - Tea Bags Black tea flavoured with bergamot oil, mallow blossoms & cornflower blossoms Product Details
English Breakfast - Tea Bags Classic black tea blend, a marvelously dark infusion with a malty spiciness. Product Details
Green Tea - Tea Bags A mild flavoured green tea with a honey coloured infusion Product Details
White Tea - Tea Bags White teas are are young new leaves, less caffeine than green & black teas, with higher levels of antioxidants. Product Details
Peppermint - Tea Bags An infusion with a high content of etheric-oils which leaves a strong pleasant aroma Product Details
Prosperi-T Chai - Tea Bags Black tea with cloves, rose petals, vanilla pieces & cardamon Product Details
Nigh-T - Tea Bags A lovely relaxing herbal sedative with a mint flavour. A blend of passionflower, spearmint, chamomile, hops, lemongrass and rose petals Product Details
Quince Sencha - Tea Bags Green tea flavoured with fruit of quince Product Details

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