Getting the perfect cup of tea with each brew

What makes Ranges Tea different from other brands

At Ranges Coffee, we’re well-known for our outstanding selection of premium coffee products and accessories, but we thought it was now time to showcase Ranges Tea and what makes it different. Ranges Tea is our assortment of premium teas that offer an excellent brew for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for classic and delicate Earl Grey or a fruity Hibiscus, Rosehip and Strawberry blend, we’ve got something to suit all tastes and preferences.

Why Choose Ranges Tea?

Not all teas are grown, sourced and processed equally, and it’s in each of these areas that Ranges stands out from the crowd.

Sri Lanka is globally acknowledged as the world’s leading tea producer, and we’ve partnered with some of the best tea estates in Ceylon to bring you a selection of premium teas that are simply unbeatable in terms of taste and quality. Ranges Tea is also committed to ethical plantations and production.

Our Orange Pekoe-based teas are sourced from plantations that follow fair labour practices and pay their workers a living wage. Our production process is environmentally friendly and does not use harmful pesticides or chemicals.

Furthermore, we are one of the only tea ranges available in Australia today that can claim all leaves are from a single estate source, high grown at an elevation of over 6000ft and unblended to ensure bright colour, great flavour and superior freshness. Ranges Tea is also one of the only teas in Australia holding all 3 Healthy Safety certificates: HACCAP, ISO22200 and FSCC.

To ensure the consistently high quality of our tea leaves, we also pay close attention to how our teas are selected. Our tea expert, a 4th generation master tea taster who has been tasting tea for over 20 years, is entrusted to only choose the best available teas for Ranges, ensuring each blend is perfectly balanced and bursting with flavour. Having relocated from Sri Lanka to Australia, his expertise and experience within the tea industry are widely recognised, and he liaises directly with estates to remove the middleman and ensure the supply of fresh, high-quality tea leaves to our customers.

Our range of pure Ceylon teas

During the production process, black teas undergo a fermentation process where the leaves are stored in a warm and humid place to promote oxidation, and heat is applied to help with transportation.

English Breakfast

Our black tea range includes the ever-popular English Breakfast, a single estate unblended premium Pekoe delivering full-bodied flavour and a soft aroma with each cup.

Irish Breakfast

Our Irish Breakfast has a stronger aroma and flavour due to the finer cut of leaf and is favoured by many for their first cup of the day.

Earl Grey

Ranges Tea use real Bergamot oil to create the distinct scent and delicious taste of Earl Grey, unlike many other companies that rely on
flavouring and not the real thing.


Our renowned and aromatic Chai is best enjoyed hot and sweet to bring out the full flavours of the pure Ceylon-grown spices our quality black leaves are blended with.

Green Tea

Our Green Tea involves a different process, and the leaves remain unfermented, ensuring the
fullness of its natural flavour is maintained as well as the integrity of its oxidising enzymes.

Jasmine Green

For something a little different, the Jasmine Green Tea is a popular variation that includes Jasmine oil for a mild yellow infusion with a
premium jasmine scent.

Our range of pure Ceylon teas

We offer a range of herbal infusions, perfect for those wanting to relax or indulge in something a little lighter.

Our Chamomile has a gentle sweetness to its aroma and flavour and uses whole flowers to create a warm and well-balanced brew.

Premium fresh Ginger in higher-than-usual proportions gives our Ginger and Lemongrass blend a rich, full flavour that is both warm and comforting.

Our Peppermint tea is a soothing blend made with pure US-grown peppermint leaves for a soft, aromatic infusion that allows you to enjoy the full flavour of this naturally sweet herb.

For those seeking a tangy and fresh brew, our Hibiscus, Rosehip and Strawberry blend is perfectly balanced! With tangy hibiscus flowers and the juicy flavours of real strawberries, this infusion is both sweet and light and can be enjoyed cold too.

Whether you prefer black tea, green tea, or a herbal infusion, Ranges has something to suit all tastes and preferences.

If you are looking for the best tea available in Australia, look no further than Ranges Tea. We can’t be beaten on quality or value, and those criteria matter when you’re committed to offering your customers or guests the perfect cup of tea each and every time. So why not try us today and see the Ranges difference for yourself?