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Because good coffee matters…
Ranges Coffee master roaster Gavin

Ranges Coffee is a family-owned and run business that takes pride in sourcing quality coffee beans from all over the world and then roasting them to perfection.

We believe that excellent coffee is an experience to be shared.

Based in Lilydale on the edge of the beautiful Yarra Valley, our coffee is now found in cafes and homes across Australia. 

With a passion for helping cafes create unforgettable coffee experiences for their customers, we promise personalised attention to detail and superior support when you join the Ranges family.

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About Our Products

Ranges Coffee

Because good coffee is about much more than beans and water and is all about connections and relationships, Ranges Coffee is there to help create those special moments. We believe that coffee is at its best when it’s made with love and care, and we’re committed to sharing our passion for coffee far and wide. We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do.
Ranges Coffee Specialty blends
Ranges tea

Ranges Tea

Sourced directly from one of the world’s finest tea growers in Sri Lanka, Ranges Tea provides a quality cuppa, every time. Available in both loose leaf tea and the convenience of tea bags, our premium teas are the perfect fuel for conversations with friends or a quiet reflective moment in your day to recharge or unwind.

Chocolate & Chai

The same passion for quality and flavour that inspires our coffee and tea, is infused through our chocolate and chai range. You’ll taste the difference that high quality cocoa and chai makes, with a range of options to fill your cup (and your heart) with joy


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Cafe & restaurant

For great coffee for your customers, with the service, equipment & support to match

Workplace Coffee

Want to increase productivity and workplace happiness? We’ve got the beans for that!

Custom Roasting

Put the ‘custom’ in customer with our contract roasting and custom blend options

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