Looking for the perfect gift for Mum for Mother’s Day?

(or just want an excuse to stock up on caffeine 😆 )
Check out our delicious range of gift packs, which our team are ready to pack and get to you as soon as we can.

Gift pack options

All gift packs will be delivered in a suitably sized, ready-to-wrap box.

The Espresso Pack

Featuring one of our most popular blends, the full-bodied sweetness and smoothness will impress even the most fussy coffee drinker. To make even more wishes come true, we’ve combined this with a 1kg bag of our 46% cocoa drinking choc.


  • 2kg Premium Espresso
  • 1kg Ranges 46% Drinking Choc

Value $97

Price $80

Tea Lovers Pack

It’s okay, we haven’t forgotten the tea lovers. Our single origin Ceylon Teas are the perfect way to show that special tea lover in your life that you care. The three varieties are a few of our most popular, so even if you’re not a tea drinker, you can rest assured you’re giving a great gift!


  • English Breakfast tin
  • Ginger & Lemongrass tea tin
  • Chamomile tea tin

Value $57

Price $50

Deluxe Tea Pack

For those that believe that one of every tea is almost enough, you’ll want to give enough tea to create their own tea pyramid… which coincidentally, these 6 tins work perfectly for (that isn’t actually what we mean by pyramid tea bags). Oh, did we mention that the tea is delightfully delicious? Using the same excellent tea from our loose leaf tea range, this is great quality tea with the added convenience of a tea bag.


  • English Breakfast
  • Earl Grey
  • Green Tea
  • Ginger & Lemongrass
  • Peppermint
  • Chamomile
Value $114

Price $99

Sampler Pack

Unsure which of our coffees to give? Make things easier with our sampler pack. With some of our finest coffee, chocolate, chai and tea, this hamper of deliciousness is sure to impress.


  • 250g Premium Espresso
  • 250g Lydia’s Blend
  • 250g Mountain Peak
  • 250g Moka Kiss
  • 1kg 24% Drinking Choc
  • Ranges Spice Chai
  • English breakfast tea tin
Value $119

Price $97

Ultimate Sampler Pack

What’s better than a sampler pack? The Ultimate Sampler Pack of course! With all six of our specialty blends, plus choc, chai and tea, this is a pretty epic way to give many cups of joy (and they’ll probably share, so you really can’t lose 😉)


  • 250g Premium Espresso
  • 250g Lydia’s Blend
  • 250g Mountain Peak
  • 250g Moka Kiss
  • 250g EP18
  • 250g Viero
  • 1kg 24% Drinking Choc
  • Ranges Spice Chai
  • English breakfast tea tin
  • Peppermint tea tin
Value $165

Price $140

Automatic Home Coffee Machine Pack

Featuring the Dr Coffee H1 fully automatic coffee machine
Want a gift that keeps on giving? Perfect for a convenient yet delicious bean to cup coffee at the touch of a button. The H1 has 6 programmable selections and is perfect for use at home or in a small office.

With adjustable outlet height for different cup sizes and automated cleaning processes, the Dr Coffee H1 is a refined balance of quality and convenience.


  • Dr Coffee H1 Automatic Espresso Machine
  • Free delivery and programming
  • 500g Velvet Road Coffee beans
  • Cafetto Daily Milk Frother Cleaner 1L
  • Cafetto Espresso Cleaning Tablets 150pcs
  • Gaggia Descaler 250ml
Value $1432

Price $1195

This pack can also be upgraded to add a slimline milk fridge.

Go to the full product listing for the Dr Coffee H1 for details.

Coffee travellers pack

Ideal for those who want access to great coffee while camping or travelling, the Delter Coffee Press provides portable brewing with less bitterness and more clarity. Which is great, because it means they’ll be able to enjoy the four specialty blends this has been bundled with, no matter where they go.


  • Delter Coffee Press
  • 250g Premium Espresso
  • 250g Lydia’s Blend
  • 250g Mountain Peak
  • 250g Moka Kiss
Value $105.90

Price $90

Barista’s deluxe pack

Want to spoil the budding barista? Or looking for the perfect gift to go with a new coffee machine? The Barista’s deluxe pack will fill their cup of joy to overflowing, with a range of equipment and coffee to turn any home with a coffee machine into your new fav coffee hang


  • Coffee tamper
  • 480ml Latte Pro Milk Jug
  • Silicon Corner Tamper Mat
  • Grindenstein knockbox
  • Pair Ranges Coffee branded large ceramic cups
  • 3kg Ranges Coffee
    • Premium Espresso
    • Lydia’s Blend
    • Mountain Peak
  • 1kg Ranges 24% Drinking Chocolate
Value $317.65

Price $290


Delivery details:

All orders over $90 include free delivery Australia wide.

Orders are dispatched direct from our roastery in Lilydale, Victoria within 2 business days.

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