Delter Coffee Press



Delter Coffee Press provides a consistent cup and avoids a bitter and inconsistent extraction by controlling the agitation during the coffee brewing process using the Delter Coffee Press unique jet-seal design.

This jet-seal keeps the brewing water and the coffee grounds separated until the brewing commences, preventing uncontrolled agitation. When pressure is applied to the plunger, then water and coffee contact is activated, allowing agitation to occur for the first time. This design allows the user to have complete control over the water flow and agitation, resulting in a brew with less bitterness and more clarity.


1 x Delter Coffee Press
100 x Paper Filters


Materials: Food Grade Silicone, Tritan Copolyster (BPA Free), Polypropylene
Brewing Capacity: 450g Water with 28g Coffee
Brew Chamber Height 160mm
Filter Diameter 61.5mm

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