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Looking for an Italian style espresso with real body and intensity?. Lined with its earthy, dark choc flavour, Kallista has been crafted to delight as an espresso, but also works great with milk.

Tasting Notes

Our take on a traditional Italian espresso. Syrupy dark chocolate with nuts, spice and a light earthy flavour. Full bodied with a mellow and citrus acidity.

What’s behind the name Kallista?

Kallista is the area that Ranges Coffee first started roasting, so it seemed appropriate to dedicate this blend to our local heritage. In Greek, Kallista means “most beautiful” and in Estonian, “give a hug”.
So, if you’d like to give your tastebuds the most beautiful hug, you should probably stop reading and just order a bag or three of this delightful coffee 😉

Free shipping for orders over $90 (excludes alternative milk)