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LAF Classic milk frother by Latte Art Factory


The LAF Classic milk frother produces an all-in-one solution for consistent high quality milk foam for your cafe. The countertop model features a built-in refrigerator and 4L milk container, with fully programmable options managed via the 7” touchscreen.


Improve workflows

Product drinks faster up to 30% faster and optimise your workflows


Cut down on training costs

Enable your baristas to prepare perfect milk from day one


Consistent quality

Perfect milk foam everytime, regardless of barista skill level


Reduce milk waste

Cut milk waste by up to 25%


Fully programmable

Customise selections to your cup or jug sizes and preferred options


Lower energy costs

With seamless milk frothing, heating on demand and automated power-saving mode


  • 7 inch touch screen
  • Prepare milk foam from any type of milk in up to four different textures
  • 4 litre milk container (can be replaced with 2 x 1.7 litre milk containers)
  • Width: 224 mm
  • Height: 630 mm
  • Depth: 715 mm
  • Weight 27.1 kg
  • Power: 10AMP single phase, 2300W

Simple 3 step process:

1. Fill the 4L container with your desired milk type, cold brew or pre-mix
2. Use the digital touch screen to select your beverage of choice
3. Get perfect milk foam directly to your cup or jug as programmed

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