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Premium Espresso



Our original and most popular blend, this has become the go to “wake me up” for many of us.

The blend itself is a medium/dark roast, which while full-bodied, has maintained its sweetness and smoothness (#coffeebeanlifegoals)

Premium Espresso works well both as an espresso and a latte/milk based coffee (thanks to good acidity to enable the flavour to ‘cut through’ the milk)

If it sounds just a tiny bit too good to be true, wait till you try it.

Tasting Notes

Richly fragrant, floral notes adorn this full flavoured 100% Arabica blend.

A magnificent, soft perfume pervades the whole palate, with very sweet & gentle acidity and strong vanilla characters.

The History

In the early days of Ranges Coffee, Gavin spent a lot of time ‘researching’ (aka consuming) coffee with some of our green bean suppliers. The result of all this ‘testing’ (aka caffeine bingeing) and tinkering was our beloved Premium Espresso.

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